Our Firm

AFRICA INVEST is an INTERNATIONAL GROUP OF COMPANIES specialized in Wealth Management with over 20 years of experience in this field.

  • Our clients use CUSTODY of qualified international BANKS that are based in SWITZERLAND, LUXEMBOURG, MONACO and the UNITED STATES, who provide ELECTRONIC PLATFORMS of operations.
  • We are under 10 legal systems and their COMPTROLLER BODIES.
  • We provide LOCAL ASSISTANCE for procedures, reports and formalities linked to management accounts; and give OPERABILITY to Process Entry and Liquidation of Investments in different markets and selected countries (according to current regulations).
  • We are (for Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Economic Groups, Institutions and Public Entities) an EXTERNAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY responsible for the Application of Liquid Funds and SEARCHING FOR PROJECT FUNDING.
  • We assist you in doing business in the real economy and the international trade.
  • We have a team of 40 Investment Directors trained in Law, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, and Accounting and Taxes.
  • We design, build and operate Legal Structure facilitators of:
  1. Heritage Protection
  2. Enhancing Investment
  3. Heritage Organization


AFRICA INVEST wants to be one of the most influential ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL GROUPS in the development of international capital markets which is committed to financial growth, with our main strategy being to strengthen the relationship between trust and professionalism.


AFRICA INVEST is attempting to position itself as a leader in Latin American countries and the rest of the world by being the preferred solutions provider for all africans in the processes of international investments (both financial and real economies in Latin America, the US and Europe), North American, European (intra and extra-regional), Arab and Asian business processes in the countries of Central and South America, while maintaining an excellent level of service quality, as well as developing and promoting more efficient markets.


AFRICA INVEST is composed of Leading analysts and advisors with solid professional and academic experience in Economics, Finance and Stock Markets. The core values of The PHILOSOPHY they develop are ETHICS, TRANSPARENCY, PROFESSIONALISM, CONTINUOUS ACADEMIC TRAINING, STRATEGIC INNOVATION and PRUDENCE.