Global Business Forum 2018 in Dubai

The Global Business Forum Latin America Dubai presents the main economic trends, events and problems affecting the Latin American markets, bringing together more than 700 delegates from different parts, both from Latin America and the Middle East, both from the private sector and of the respective governments of the participating countries. The Hostess of the event is the Chamber of Commerce of Dubai with the slogan “Connect-Collaborate-Grow”.

During the forum, the current political and economic situation of the region was discussed in the framework of the actions of Donald Trump and its repercussion in Latin America. They were on the agenda, issues of legal security, logistics, financing, new sectors, social development and free enterprise.

The main conclusion that the forum leaves is that the world has become globalized, we have immediate communication through different computer media, the distances are shortened in every sense, which is irremediable the democratization of business and the end of asymmetries information, which improves competitiveness. If the entrepreneurs do not realize this situation, we will end up trapped in closed economies suffering the local swings, while those who achieve internationalization will be the beneficiaries.

“The Global Business Forum Latin America Dubai, is the best option for Latin American countries and their exportable offers, which want to be known in the Middle East and India. We must understand that Dubai is the best and most western gateway and bridge to this region, as well as having advantages from the tax, logistics and financial aspects. In this context, delegations such as Panama, Ecuador and Paraguay, this year made a difference, through the best representatives of the public and private sector, attracting the attention of potential investors and businessmen interested in projecting sustainable economic models in the region. “Dami├ín Valenzuela Mayer – CEO of Latin America Invest.