Latin America Invest in the Mozambique airline offices, analyzing new business opportunities.

The CEO of Latin America Invest corp. Damian Valenzuela Mayer and the President of Intelec Dr. Salimo Abdula, met to project new business opportunities, create a link between Latin america, USA and Africa.

Dr. Abdula is a well-known figure among the business elite of Mozambique. His contribution to the development of business in the country spans more than 30 years and his efforts to bring the country’s standards within the private sector to international levels have had a great impact. Dr. Abdula’s position in Intelec has given the company direction, strategic vision and a prominent position in each market from which it operates. Without a doubt, Mozambique has become more competitive thanks to its continuous efforts.

Economy of Mozambique

Recall that in 1975, Mozambique was one of the poorest countries in the world. Problems of managing a socialist economy and a civil war.

In 1987, the government began a series of macroeconomic reforms aimed at stabilizing the economy. These reforms, adopted with international aid and combined with free elections, resulted in the improvement of growth rates. Monetary reforms reduced inflation. Tax reforms led to an improvement in revenue.

In the picture: Dr. Jorge Pais, Salimo Abdula of Intelec Holding, The lic. Massitela director of MEX Mozambique, Dr. Damian Valenzuela Mayer CEO of Latin America Invest cop. and Dr Oliveira.