Multisectoral Trade Mission Portugal-USA 2018

Latin America Invest, participated in the celebration of the XLV General Assembly of the Ibero-American Association of Chambers of Commerce (AICO by its initials in Spanish) and XLX Conference of the Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission (CIAC), held from September 29 to October 2, 2018, in Lisbon, Portugal, under the organization of the Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP by its initials in Spanish).
 For this important meeting in which the attendance of more than 500 businessmen and women from Ibero-America, Portugal and Africa was attended, Latin America Invest organized a Multisector Commercial Mission headed by Mr. Francis Suarez, Mayor of the City of Miami and the Commissioner of the same City, Mr. Wifredo “Willy” Gort, together with 25 businessmen of the same town.
In Portugal, they were received by the authorities of the AIP: José Eduardo Carvalho, President and Jorge Pais, Vice President; Fernando Medina, President of the City Council of Lisbon; Lidia Sequeira, President of the Port of Lisbon; Juan Espadas, Mayor of Seville; Salimo Abdula, President CE-CPLP and Antonio Pedregosa, Mayor of Valenzuela.
On Monday, October 1, formal activities began on the Academic Agenda, where the authorities of our Mission had the opportunity to speak about “Lisbon and Miami: Tourism and International Business – Development Models”, sharing the scenario with the gentlemen: Fernando Medina, Mayor of Lisbon; Lidia Sequeira, President of the Port of Lisbon; Juan Espadas, Mayor of Seville and José Theotónio, President of the Pestana Group.
Mayor Francis Suarez, shared with the audience the benefits and advantages that Miami offers to conduct business, highlighting that the United States is the third country in the world with Hispanic influence, a purchasing power of more than 2 billion dollars a year and the fourth growing. Miami, has become a global city with significant fundraising from around the world, representing an event never seen before. He also mentioned the importance of working hand in hand with body agencies, recognizing the work they do for the internationalization of companies.
For their part, the businessmen of this Commercial Mission had a brief exposure time to present their business model. This dynamic was moderated by Dr. Damián Valenzuela, President of Latin America Invest together with Dr. Juan Moratal and Ítalo Torrese, members of the same company. Among the companies that had the opportunity to intervene, we can mention Aeronex, a successful consulting firm that provides strategies and technical advice in civil and commercial aviation as well as airline connectivity in Latin America; Kaneca, company of transportation of construction materials and Logistics; Hidow International, Pain Management Solutions that include a class II medical device that is approved and authorized by Food & DrugAdministration, SA European Health and Conformity Department and finally; CDI: Center for DiagnosticImaging, this Diagnostic Center offers advanced technology in its timely detection against breast cancer. Then, they had the opportunity to make matchmaking with more than 100 Portuguese and Latin American companies, generating business intentions for more than 400 million dollars .
To close the activities of this Multisectorial Trade Mission, the delegation was received at the House of the Ambassador of the United States of America in Portugal, George Edward Glass, to this reception were joined by different authorities of AICO: Mr. Ambrosio Bertolotti, Vice President of International relations; Peter Hill, Former President and President of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Chile; Rosendo Mayorga, Vice President for North America, Central America and the Caribbean; George Teixeira, President of the Confederation of Commercial and Business Associations of Brazil (CACB) and Mr. Salimo Abdula, President of the CE-CPLP, as well as other important businessmen of the region.
In the photo from Left to Right: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, LAI CEO Damian Valenzuela Mayer, US Ambassador to Lisbon George Edward and Commissioner Willy Gort.